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Partnership with GroupM
Adgile Media, the Australian-based next generation TV data and effectiveness business announces partnership with GroupM Australia, that will enable all of their agencies and clients access to Adgile’s industry-defining real time measurement capabilities – bringing TV closer to advertisers, with unique visibility and control. Adgile is fuelling the TV industry with new standards of independent TV measurement, that delivers a world-first capability, enabling marketers to respond to actual behaviours and actions made because of exposure to TV advertising – in real-time. The tech platform creates actionable, structured data from its proprietary visual recognition technology, and delivered through its real time Analytics, Attribution and Activation platforms. GroupM Chief Investment Officer Nicola Lewis, said: "TV is one of the most effective media channels for advertisers. It works, and it works well. Innovations like Adgile’s platform that augments existing industry measurement, only serves to strengthen the TV advertising ecosystem, which is exactly what we need in Australia." Craig Service, Adgile Media’s Chief Revenue Officer added, "Adgile believes in the power of combinations and collaboration in driving a faster, more responsive and more effective TV ecosystem. TV measurement methods simply haven’t been updated to offer advertisers the same speed, accessibility, accuracy and transparency they enjoy on digital. Our unique data sets are universal, independent and trusted, making our business a natural partner to fuel a smarter industry. With direct access to our platform and the benefits this brings clients, we’re proud to create a partnership with GroupM that is truly game-changing for Australian TV advertising."
Innovation in Media Award Winner for 2020
They say good things come in threes, first there was the VideoNet Connected TV Awards. Then there was the Campaign Tech Awards. And now, Adgile Media has been recognised by AdNews Australia with the Innovation in Media Award for 2020. Congratulations to all the other winners, and a huge thank you to the team at Adgile Media! To say it’s been one hell of a year is an understatement, but the year isn’t over yet and there’s more great things to come from us!
Tech Pioneer of the Year
It’s always great to be recognised, and last night, Adgile Media got RECOGNISED! Up against some phenomenal global tech talent, our founder and CIO Shaun Lohman was named Tech Pioneer of the Year at the Campaign Tech Awards 2020! #boom Shaun and the Adgile team built the game changing ICR (Intelligent Content Recognition) technology over the past 4 years, with the aim of lifting the TV industry through better and faster measurement of effectiveness. Starting from our home market of Australia, we are now running ICR in over 9 countries, with further international expansion underway. But most of all, this Award shows that hard work, passion, sacrifice, technical brilliance and of course, an awesome team, can genuinely create something different and better. Congratulations Shaun!
Adgile named winner in Global Connected TV awards
We are beyond thrilled to share our latest news, we have been named winner of the ‘Game-Changing Advertising Technology’ category at the global VideoNet Connected TV Awards in London.
We are absolutely thrilled to have been recognised as world class in our field and to be representing Australia against leading global technology businesses. The ‘Game Changing’ award not only acknowledges how our unique technology delivers benefits across the entire TV ecosystem, but also recognises how our engineering innovation creates growth and opportunity for brands and marketers. -- Shaun Lohman, CTO Adgile Media.
Adgile helping assign TV the credit it's due
Future TV Sydney, Innovation in TV Measurement
Driving change can be difficult, gaining acceptance for new practice, technology and outcomes can intimidate. Adgile Media’s Chief Technology Officer Shaun Lohman joined a panel of industry leaders at the FutureTV Sydney conference last week. Shaun explained the power of real-time TV data and how access to this data can accelerate change in how we view the power of TV . Innovation in TV Measurement was a hot topic and Adgile continues to play a critical leadership role in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.
Adgile and NINE partner for effectiveness measurement
Nine has announced a new strategic partnership with real-time analytics firm Adgile Media to provide services around the effectiveness of its television advertising. The partnership will see Adgile Media working with Powered, Nine’s client solutions division, to demonstrate the value and return on a brand’s advertising campaign. "We are excited about this partnership and the power of effectiveness it unlocks for Nine and our clients as a business," said Richard Hunwick, Nine’s Director of Sales – Television. "This partnership will help to open up a new specialty within Powered which is focused on maximising the return on investment that television delivers for our clients and helping them to optimise campaign outcomes in real time." The Adgile Media partnership will be run by Nine’s newly appointed Director of Effectiveness, Jonathan Fox, who joined Nine in November from Ebiquity, where he played a key role in the marketing and media consultancy’s landmark Payback Australia Study. Adgile Media is a media analytics firm which use proprietary technology to automate the watching of television and track every advertising message, plus all program content, in real time. "We are excited to be embarking on this project with Nine," said Shaun Lohman, Adgile Media’s Chief Intelligence Officer. "For over three years Adgile have been working intensively on building and perfecting our proprietary technology solution to close the TV ROI loop. We have developed a true real-time, end-to-end solution for TV advertisers that is based on observed, not modelled data." For more information: Nic Christensen Head of Corporate Affairs Monday, March 11, 2019
Adgile announces Advisory Board
Adgile Media, real time TV analytics and effectiveness business, announced the formation of an advisory board, boasting some of the industry's TV and data heavyweights. A first for the business, the advisory board will bring together a diverse team of issue experts and thought leaders across a variety of disciplines in the TV, and broader communications space, encompassing research, technology, strategy, marketing and media. The boad will act as a think tank that provides strategic guidance and counsel to Adgile Media across all facets of the company including technology, operations and global expansion. The Adgile Media Advisory Board will be made up of: • Karen Nelson-Field PhD - Founder & CEO, Amplified Intelligence / Professor of Media Innovation, University of Adelaide; • Anthony Fitzgerald - ex CEO, Multi Channel Network / ex Network Director of Sales, Seven Network Ltd; • Paul Evans - Board Advisor, Brand Advance / Mentor, Media Trust / ex Global Head of Media, Vodafone; • Justin Lebbon - Co-Founder & Director, Mediatel Events Ltd; • Grant Wechsel - President, Ortus Mining Capital / Executive Director, MPX. "Challenging the status quo of TV’s measurement landscape and conventions is at the heart of everything we are doing here at Adgile," Adgile Media chief innovation officer Shaun Lohman says. "With our Advisory Board we have brought together a group of liked minded people who are extremely experienced and have a depth of relevant expertise, complimentary skills and a commitment to shaking things up. Frankly it’s a bit of a dream team for us," Fitzgerald says for some time he has been quite vocal that a complete reinvention of TV measurement using new digital metrics that move beyond average audience, CPM, reach and demographics to more accountable engagement, attention and business impact metrics is urgently required. "Change to TV measurement needs to happen now, and quickly, if TV broadcasters are to compete effectively in the future. Adgile Media’s platform is a big step forward in realising this change, these guys have looked at TV measurement through an attribution and effectiveness prism and designed technology that focusses primarily on measurement of results rather than audience," Fitzgerald says. Read more at
Adgile expansion plans for the year includes Thailand and Indonesia
Realtime TV analytics firm Adgile Media has said that it will take its offering to Thailand and Indonesia before end-2019. It is already present in the UK, Singapore, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and intends continuing aggressive expansion through 2020. The announcement: Real time TV analytics and effectiveness business, Adgile Media, today confirmed its expansion into key international markets proceeds at a rapid pace and this will continue through 2020. Adgile Media are now fully established with completed installation of its full stack technology and are collecting 1st party TV data in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore and South Africa in addition its commercial offerings are already established in Australia and New Zealand. The aggressive roll-out continues with the execution of Indonesia and Thailand installation before the end of this year. Shaun Lohman, Adgile Media’s Chief Innovation Officer added, "The reason Adgile has been able to scale so rapidly, and one of the key advantages we have over our competitors in this space, is that our proprietary Intelligent Content Recognition (ICR) technology is stand-alone and this gives us complete independence." "Our ICR technology literally "watches" every broadcast or stream 24/7 and it utilises machine learning to automate the identification and cataloguing of all brand content in real time, be it commercials or in-programme exposures. This is done at the very granular level – we understand and recognise specific brand, product, offer and price including any regional variations or differing time lengths. It also allows for complete coverage in any market." "Our competitors use some form of Automated Content Recognition (ACR) technology and this invariably requires support from 3rd parties and access to reference libraries." "Adgile’s ICR technology is significantly different than ACR in that we collect and own our 1st party data. We need no support from any 3rd party to drive forward with new market entry – this makes our tech very scalable. The AI understands visual components and composition, rather than matching limited fingerprints against a reference catalogue or database. Whilst we have always known ICR technology is inherently scalable, our initial overseas installations have surprised us with its capacity to adapt to cultural, language, and market nuances" Said Lohman. "We laid out a very strategic and aggressive twelve-month international expansion blueprint," commented Craig Service, Adgile Media’s Chief Revenue Officer, "Global demand for real-time, granular, holistic TV data is real and continues grow. It is this appetite for our 1st party data that will drive the extension of our footprint in 2020; we have solid runway and advanced discussions with strategic partners which will support several other new markets which we will announce in due course." Article source:

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