Our Company

Adgile Media was founded in 2015 with a clear vision and a bold ambition;
use technology to solve advertising's oldest and biggest challenge;

John Wanamaker

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.

We believe that technology now exists to enable the effective optimisation of all advertising expenditure, enabling businesses and marketers to not only know what part of their spend is wasted, but to avoid wasting it in the first place!

A Different Approach

The only possible reason humans have to not be able to solve any problem is a lack of valid information. Either not the right information, or the right information at the wrong time. For many years people have attempted to solve John Wanamaker's famous conundrum using the information available to them, which has been sadly lacking in two critical areas.

  • Perspective
    Most analysis is fundamentally introspective based on two dimensions of brand investment -> brand performance. Until now information about critical external drivers has not been available.
  • Time
    Investment -> Performance analysis is historical, and although progress has been made to automate and speed up this process, it can not keep up with the dynamism which is the norm for consumers, competitors, media and brands.

Adgile is attacking both of these limitations head on; By building the complete consumer perspective, in real-time.

An Intelligent Approach

Adgile's proprietary technology is designed to consume media like a human.

As media fragmentation continues, and audiences consume more content from more sources, an alternative to both the traditional and emerging online methods of tracking advertising messages is required.

Above this, the opportunities for brands who are more informed and more responsive than their competitors is considerable, and therefore we set our sights on developing a technology that could consume media like a typical consumer (using sight, sound, and context) at the speed which a human does (real-time).

Our ambitions meant we had to develop our solution from the ground up, resulting in every element of our technology and information stack being unique and bespoke to us.

The end result is an intelligent virtual panel of infinate scale, capable of watching and tracking every advertising message, on any medium.

Distributed Machine Learning

The core of our technology is our unique artificial neural network infrastructure which provides many benefits including:

  • Speed
    Our nodes are autonomous and operate independantly enabling genuine real-time tracking.
  • Learning
    Whilst each node learns independantly, it shares and teaches all others in real-time resulting in an exponentially growth of knowledge.
  • Accuracy
    As each node is different, they each have a different perspective on an advert. Through the consideration of all perspectives we end up with highly accurate models.
  • Scale
    Increasing the channels and markets that we track is as simple as adding a node.

Adgile's proprietary technology has been specifically developed for tracking advertising content in real-time.