Agency Services

Corporate accounts are available to agencies with the following features:

Access our real-time information

Unlimited access
Receive unrestricted access to all content on the website.

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Unlimited users
Access is domain wide with charges based on how much the website is used, not how many users have access.

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User based personalisation
Users with valid agency email addresses will automatically be able to create an account and will receive instant access.
Personalised email alerts can be created on a per user basis.

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Data/System Integrations

Nielsen Tarp Data
Agencies can provide data for audience and spend numbers which can be reported alongside our own intenal numbers.

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Trigger API integration
API integrations into agency systems can be provided. These can include internal DMP / DSP systems or 3rd party systems employed by agencies.
Such integartion will enable agencies to create their own rules and business logic to determine how an advertiser reacts to different triggers through media channels.

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Agency business intelligence systems
Various integration methods can be provided to transfer information to existing agency reporting and analysis systems.

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Private information
Adgile can report information via our website which will be accessible only to the agency logins.

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White Labeling

Client portals
Bespoke client websites and dashboards can be delivered with unique designs and branding.
Portals can be hosted by Adgile media using our cloud infrastructure.

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Real-time displays
Real-time displays showing advert statistics and analysis for the advert currently on air can be installed in Agencies.
These can be tailored and branded for the agency.

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